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Artist Jenny Reynaert Koksijde Belgium

jenny reynaert

Biography Jenny Reynaert

Jenny Reynaert (Koksijde, Belgium, °1941) had been active for years in health care and related education, before she started a career as an artist in 1985 at the Municipal Art Academy in Ostend, Belgium.

After 10 years of evening classes in sculpturing, with as teachers Paul Perneel from Jabbeke and Joris Vandenborgt from Gent, she graduated cum laude in June 1995 and received a gold medal from the town Ostend. In July 1992 Jenny Reynaert had her first exhibition in her home town, Koksijde. That is also when she presented her first work in bronze: "Dance", a successful experiment with the working up of wax and jute.

During the same year Jenny Reynaert was selected in the National Competition for Sculpturing organised by the August Vermeylen Foundation in Ostend with the work "Pic". That work consists of a half-polished, half-roughly sculptured rock in French marble from the "Pic de Vissou" in Hérault, which was mounted on a beam. Also in 1992 she received the first prize for sculpture in the art contest of the Commission for Promotion of Arts in Veurne. In August 1993 she participated again in the National Contest for Sculpture organised by the August Vermeylen Foundation of Ostend with two compositions without title in "blue stone" and lead and was selected again.

In June 1994 Jenny Reynaert started a workshop of her own "Zuydcoote", at the yachting port of Newport, Belgium. There she creates abstracting sculptures and compositions of people in various materials: baked clay, bronze and stone. The figures represent individuals or small groups of people, in relationship with each other.

Since then she participated in some hundred fifty exhibitions. In 2002 Jenny Reynaert started a second workshop in Wulpen (Coxyde, between Furnes and Newport) and three years later Wulpen became her only place for sculpturing and exhibition. Jenny Reynaert also aims at creating well-suited sculptures for integration into a specific type of garden or interior.

Art lovers can also consult her with specific wishes for sculptures.